Step 1.

Determine how many BirdSpikes will be required. Our BirdSpikes come in 33.3 cm lengths, therefore 3 lengths of Birdspikes is 1m in length. Exceptionally wide areas will require more than one row of BirdSpike.

Step 2.

Determine how much glue you will need. Use one 300 ml tube per 10 meter of spikes. Ask your local hardware store for advice on a good quality glue.

Step 3. 

Clean the area thoroughly. This will ensure that the BirdSpikes adhere to the surface.

Step 4.

You are now ready to attach the BirdSpikes! Simply apply a thin line of glue to the base of the spike. (See step 4.)

Step 5.

Press the BirdSpikes onto the surface. Follow the glue manufacturer's instructions on waiting periods and pressure. Continue this process until all areas are covered. (See step 5.)

Step 6.

Always make sure the areas are well covered, allowing no place for birds to land. The BirdSpikes snap off easily for small areas. (See step 6.)


Our BirdSpike can also be secured to surfaces by means of pop rivets (eg. on to steel or aluminium) or screws (eg. on to wooden rafters or fascia’s).

To install the BirdSpikes onto gutters: Make use of our gutter clips (use 4 gutter clips per 33.3 cm length BirdSpike). Clip the gutter clips onto the BirdSpikes first. Then simply clip the BirdSpikes onto the edge of the gutter (The gutter clip will fit onto any gutter edge up to 13 mm wide). (See note 4.) To remove the BirdSpike for cleaning the gutters, just pinch the clips and the BirdSpikes will come off. (See note 1.)

To install the BirdSpike onto round pipes: Simply apply glue to the BirdSpike as normal and press it onto the pipe in the correct position. Use cable ties to secure the BirdSpike, if necessary. (See note 5.)

For areas where the BirdSpike will need to be removed for cleaning: Make use of our Remova-Clips (use 2 Remova-Clips per 33.3 cm length BirdSpike) on any surface where you may want to remove the spikes at a later stage. Simply clip the Remova-Clip onto the base of the spike, apply glue onto the base of the Remova-Clip and press it down firmly in position. To remove the spike later, simply pinch the top of the Remova-Clip with pliers and lift the spike. (See note 1.)

For very wide ledges. If the surface is wider than 20 cm, you will need a second row of BirdSpike. You may allow a 2.5 cm - 5 cm gap between each row. Do not allow any gaps between lengths of spikes as this will look patchy. (See note 2.)

For very narrow ledges. If the width of the area is less than 10 cm, simply cut the BirdSpikes off one side to fit. (See note 3.)