What is SA BirdSpikes made from?

Our plastic bird spikes are made from a poly-carbonate plastic. The stainless steel bird spikes
have a poly-carbonate base, with stainless steel wire spikes.

In what colours are SA BirdSpikes available?

Our plastic bird spikes come in five different colours: white, cream, dark green, brown and
black. We also have a clear plastic bird spike for optimal invisibility, as well as a stainless steel
bird spike for those who prefer using stainless steel.

What is the length of a single SA BirdSpike?

Both our plastic and stainless steel bird spikes are 330mm in length. So, to make up a meter, you will need 3 pieces of spikes. Orders are placed in multiples of 330mm units, not in meters.

Where can I buy SA BirdSpikes?

We do not have a walk-in shop anywhere. SA BirdSpikes only sell through our official website, which you are now visiting. Once your order is placed and paid for, we courier the product to your address. Please contact Clinton for more information if you are purchasing for a wholesale company or if you are a contractor who supply & install bird spikes.

Are SA BirdSpikes long lasting?

Oh yes! SA BirdSpikes are specially designed using a high quality polycarbonate plastic that can withstand outdoor weather conditions and UV rays. SA BirdSpikes carry a 36 month guarantee.

Where can I use SA BirdSpikes?

Bird spikes can be used in practically any place where birds perch, for example, balconies, gutters, chimneys, ledges, on porches, undercover walkways, external air conditioning units, signboards, greenhouses, storefronts or in big warehouses, barns, stores or factories that are open and therefore give easy access to birds. 

Can I install the bird spikes myself?

Yes, it is a completely do-it-yourself product! Please observe safety rules when working on heights such as roofs and walls. If you need a professional to install your SA BirdSpikes, contact a local handyman or painter.

Can SA BirdSpikes harm birds?

No, SA BirdSpikes only prevent birds from landing. You will not see a bird trying to land on a big thorn on the branch of a tree! In a similar way, the bird spike merely acts as a bird deterrent. The bird will not come into contact with the bird spike and it is therefore non-lethal and humane. 

Can small birds land or roost in between the spike needles?

No, we have designed SA BirdSpikes with a center spike, which effectively prevents even small birds from landing and therefore roosting in our spikes.

Can SA BirdSpikes deter larger birds?

Yes, it can. The effectiveness of the bird spike is dependent on how well you cover the surfaces available for birds to land on. We have had instances, though, where birds such as Hadida’s have landed on our spikes. This is usually due to something in proximity attracting them, such as food. Under normal circumstances all birds would avoid landing on the spikes.

How does the gutter clip work?

The gutter clip enables one to attach the bird spikes onto the gutter, ensuring that birds do not make nests and cause blockages in your gutter. The gutter clip clips over the outer top edge (up to 13mm wide) of gutters and the bird spike clips into the gutter clips. Use 4 clips per 330mm length of SA BirdSpike.

How does the Remova-Clip work?

This clip can be used on any surface where you may want to remove the spikes at a later stage. For example, you might need to paint behind a spike on a ledge. Simply remove the spike by pinching the top of the Remova-Clip with a pliers and lift the spike. 

How can I attach the spikes to the surface?

A good quality silicon will do fine. We recommend Bostik Fix-All, No More Nails or a similar adhesive. Your local hardware store will be able to supply you as well as advise you on this. 

Can the spikes be nailed to a surface?

Yes. SA BirdSpikes have been designed with 4 x 5mm holes per 330mm base. Therefore, our spikes can be nailed in, screwed in or even pop-rivitted in, depending on the surface. Fastening it with silicon adhesive is the simplest way to do it.

What if the ledge is narrower than the bird spike?

SA BirdSpikes are specially designed to fit practically any size ledge. If your ledge is a very narrow one that has a wall on one side, simply cut off the spikes on one side with side cutters or pliers.

What if I need to cover a wide ledge with bird spikes?

A single row of bird spike will cover a ledge with a width of up to 200mm. If your ledge is very wide, you may have to add more than one row of spikes. You may allow a gap of no more than 50mm between each row. Keep in mind that you need to cover the surface efficiently so that there are no wide gaps for birds to land in.